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Strands of Bronze and Gold - Jane Nickerson Retelling of Bluebeard in Mississippi. Follows the original pretty closely.

Read the whole review at: Strands of Bronze and Gold

When Edgar Met Cecil

When Edgar Met Cecil - Kevin Luthardt Picture book about friendship.

Read the complete review at: When Edgar Met Cecil
What the Dog Knows: The Science and Wonder of Working Dogs - Cat Warren Perfect for dog lovers who want to know the capabilities of man's best friend.

Read the whole review at: What the Dog Knows: The Science and Wonder of Working Dogs
Extremities: Stories of Death, Murder, and Revenge - David Lubar I liked the stories. I think Lubar is a brilliant short-story writer and these are just a step up (in terms of age interest) from the Weenies. Read the complete review at: Extremities by David Lubar
Fractured - Teri Terry Read the review at: Fractured by Teri Terry
Rotten - Michael Northrop Liked this book about a down-and-out boy and his down-and-out dog. Read the complete review at:
Inhuman - Kat Falls Read the review at: Inhuman by Kat Falls


Loved this YA dystopian scifi story. Kat Falls shows off her writing chops in this "unputdownable" read. Can't wait for the next book in the trilogy!

The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater Second in a series. Read the compete review at: The Dream Thieves

Extremities by David Lubar

In the middle of reading David Lubar's latest. It's a perfect Halloween set of scary short stories for YA readers. Definitely not for the younger set! He's such a great short story writer -- these are fabulous.

Shadows by Robin McKinley

OH MY GOSH. This is one of the best fantasies ever! Do I sound like a teenager? That's how I felt when reading this superbly written story. McKinley created a wonderful alternate world where science and magic are at war. Her characters are beautifully drawn, funny, and full of personality. 


Don't miss this one!

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater

Second in "The Raven Cycle" series. Full of great characters and a truly unique plot.

Shadows - Robin McKinley I loved this book! Absolutely. Read the complete review at: Shadows

'The Cat with Seven Names' by Tony Johnston and Christine Davenier

Loved this book!! Read my review. It's a great classroom book about friendship, loneliness, community and the power of one small (maybe not so small) cat.

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'Midnight Frost' by Jennifer Estep: The fifth in the YA series

Midnight Frost - Jennifer Estep

Loved this book. Jennifer does a fabulous job of writing books that flow from one adventure to the next. None of the "middle" books feel like filler - rather they are all complete stories that lead to the next installment. But start at the beginning or you will be lost and you will miss a lot of the fun and excitement.