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Running Dark - Jamie Freveletti "Running Dark" by Jamie Freveletti continues the story of Emma Caldridge and Cameron Sumner, a chemist and a government agent whose lives cross in Freveletti's first book, "Running From the Devil."

The story alternates from Washington, D.C. to South Africa to a cruise ship off the west coast of Africa. There are bad guys galore including pirates, war lords and crooked politicians. Add in some illegal, not-approved dangerous drugs and you have an explosive read.

The good guys are very good and the bad guys are very bad -- but that's standard in thrillers of this type. Can a book have too many characters? If so, this book borders on that, but it's a minor complaint. The main characters are easy to keep track of and, while not drawn in depth, are carefully created to highlight strengths -- they don't seem to have any weaknesses.

Although Emma and Sumner don't physically get together until the end of the book, the romantic tension is apparent throughout. Emma is still nursing her grief from the death of her fiance, yet she can't stop thinking of Sumner.

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