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This Moose Belongs to Me - Oliver Jeffers "This Moose Belongs to Me" by Oliver Jeffers, an award-winning author and illustrator, is a picture book destined to become a favorite read of youngsters everywhere. Kids love to read picture books starring an animal, and the animal in this one is a very large moose.

Wilfred, a slightly prissy boy (inferred from his red suspenders and blue bow tie), owns the moose. He named the moose Marcel and followed Marcel around while explaining the rules of pet behavior. Although it didn't seem as if Marcel was listening, Wilfred just knew he was.

Unfortunately, while following Marcel one day, Wilfred found out that "someone else thought she owned the moose." She called him Rodrigo, and because she had an apple in her hand (moose are partial to apples), the moose ignored Wilfred.

This book is fun on many different levels. The first is the story -- where are the clues that Marcel isn't really Wilfred's pet? Why does Marcel rescue Wilfred? What makes an animal a "pet?"

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