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Envy - Elizabeth  Miles "Envy" by Elizabeth Miles is the second book in the "Fury" trilogy about a New England town visited by the Furies. The Furies seem bent on revenge for past mistreatment (past being several hundred years ago), and the teens of the town are the ones who will pay the price of their ancestors' violent behavior.

In the second book, Emily Winters is still recovering from the deaths in the first book as well as from her final run-in with the Furies when she was forced to swallow some seeds and be "bound" to them.

The story continues with Emily attracted to two guys, one her neighbor and best friend since childhood, the guy who almost died in the first book. He doesn't remember that Emily saved him, and in fact thinks that she was part of the horrible night. It's awkward to say the least.

The second guy remains mysterious throughout the story. Crow is a musician who dropped out of school and writes songs for Emily. Although she's very attracted to him, and he obviously really likes her, there's something a bit scary (and strange) about him.

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