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Powerless - Matthew  Cody "Powerless" by Matthew Cody is an easy book to overlook. Superheroes -- been done before, especially for middle grade readers. But to overlook this little gem would be a mistake. Cody really takes what is not a novel idea and makes it his own.

Perhaps what makes the story so compelling to read is that the main character, Daniel, has no superpowers. He moves to a town where many of the kids his age (twelve) have really cool powers. Some can fly. Others are really strong. Some of the kids are good, but there are a couple who are really, really bad.

Daniel loves mysteries, and the situation surrounding the super-powered kids is shrouded in mystery. Who created the rules that they follow? Where did the powers come from? Why do the kids disappear when they turn thirteen? And most of all, how will Daniel cope with being ordinary when his friends have such amazing abilities?

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