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Too Tall Houses - Gianna Marino "Too Tall Houses" by Gianna Marino features a rabbit and an owl who coexist and live happily side by side until something happens to inject a bit of competition into their relationship.

Rabbit's garden grows so tall that it blocks Owl's view of the forest. Owl builds his house a bit taller but it blocks the sun from shining on Rabbit's vegetables. Rabbit builds his house still taller and plants a garden on top. The water from the rooftop garden falls on Owl and he grows angry.

With each animal competing to have the tallest house, the structures grow out of sight (of the ground, that is) with the animals getting angrier and angrier. Their houses grow to be the tallest houses in the world. But having the tallest houses in the world is not very practical. Rabbit can't carry the water up the ladder and Owl can't see the forest.

Finally, the wind resolves the problem by blowing down both houses. They realize that "alone they have nothing." But they also realize that together, they can live happily in one small house.

And isn't that a great message to send to young readers everywhere (and even not-so-young readers)? Big and beautiful doesn't really matter when you are alone, but with a friend even a tiny home is a happy one.

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