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Jennifer Johnson Is Sick of Being Married: A Novel - Heather McElhatton "Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Married" is the sequel to "Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Single' by Heather McElhatton. It's chick lit all grown up -- about the joys (or lack thereof) of being married to the person who seemed to be one's heart's desire.

The story begins on Jennifer's honeymoon. Even without reading "Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Single," one gets the gist of the story fairly quickly. Jennifer managed to snag Brad, the son of the wealthy department store owner. They are on their honeymoon, courtesy of the in-laws.

The honeymoon is at a Christian resort, In His Palm, on St. John's in the Caribbean. All is not well on the honeymoon. The resort, in McElhatton's clever prose, becomes ridiculous. Signs highlighting activities offered in the all-inclusive resort include:

TRY JOY-GA Non-Satanic yoga! You've stretched with the devil...now reach for the LIGHT!

FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND SUNRISE BEACH WALK! If HE can get up early, you can too!

Not only does the resort not allow a drop of liquor on the premises, the newlyweds get violently ill the first night after begging for a late meal at the resort. When Jennifer finds some resort workers feeding bread laced with rat poison to the local dogs, she rescues a puppy and smuggles him home.

They arrive home to find that instead of staying with Brad's parents in their guesthouse, the parents have generously bought them the house next door. And Brad's mother has decorated it herself.

The mother is truly a mother-in-law from hell. While Jennifer and Brad grow farther and farther apart, her mother-in-law does everything she can to sabotage Jennifer's relationship with Brad. Jennifer suffers from low self-esteem, which gets lower when nothing she does seems to turn out right.

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