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The Door in the Sky - Sandy Klein Bernstein "The Door in the Sky" by Sandy Klein Bernstein is a fantasy extraordinaire. It not only features travel to another planet, but it contains witches, fairies, sprites, magic spells and more. Children will yearn for Edna's candy farm where cows offer different flavors of milk and gummy bears grow from the ground.

Ricky and his sister, Allie, instead of spending the night at the Chicago Space Museum (locals know it better as the Adler Planetarium), get whisked to the kingdom of Galdoren on another planet. They get there courtesy of two stars, Shimmer and his nephew, Twinkle.

There are characters aplenty to meet in Galdoren from King Shevre (like the cheese but with an "s") to the evil witch Glacidia who lives in banishment in an icy kingdom where there is never-ending winter. That's appropriate because she has hair made of icicles. She also has only one eye that works -- her other eye being a disgusting white bubbling orb.

There is a magic diamond, a wicked Shadow and goblins who want to get the diamond for the evil queen. Ricky and Allie, thrust into the middle of madness when Queen Glacidia escapes from her banishment, learn a lot about magic and about themselves.

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