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The Always War - Margaret Peterson Haddix "Game Changer" by Margaret Peterson Haddix has an interesting premise. What would the world be like if sports (top professional athletes make millions) and academics (university professors don't) switched places?

In other words, what if the world revered those who excelled at academics, and those who excelled at sports were not considered special. Instead of football games on Sunday afternoons, there would be math competitions with cheerleaders and screaming crowds.

KT Sutton, an eighth grader whose only passion is softball, is playing the most important game of her life when the unthinkable happens. She hurts her arm, throws the ball badly and passes out. When she wakes up, the world around her has changed.

It's a new world, and in it, KT is not the popular athlete. She is the nerd, and those who play the academic games are the popular kids. None of her sports friends seem to know her (or be her friends), and they are all involved in academics.

KT begins to question her own past behavior toward everyone, including her brother. In fact, much is made of KT's relationship with her brother. It's a little difficult to swallow that a sister could be as cruel and thoughtless to a sibling as KT is to her brother. Her revelations about her behavior are predictable. In fact, unlike many of Haddix's other books, there are few surprises in this one.

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