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Reached - Ally Condie "Reached" by Ally Condie is the conclusion to the dystopian trilogy that began with "Matched." It begins where the second book, "Crossed," left off -- with two of the three protagonists working for Society but secretly working for the Rising, the group trying to destroy Society.

Cassia is working as a sorter, and Xander is a physic who works overseeing medication. He substitutes Rising pills for the Society pills that are given to newborns. He is also among the first to see the Plague which becomes central to this story. Ky, the third in the love triangle, is working for the Rising and learning to be a pilot.

Throughout the book Cassia remembers details of a day she forgot when told to take the red pill -- the pill that causes short term memory loss. Although her Grandfather died in the first book, Cassia learns more about him in this book and why the day with him that she forgot is so important.

"Reached" is, in a sense, the slowest of the three books. There is less constant action and more reflection. There are many, many references to events in the first two books. so if a reader has not read the books recently, a quick reread would definitely be in order.

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