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The Amazing Hamweenie - Patty Bowman "The Amazing Hamweenie" by Patty Bowman is a story that could only have been written (and illustrated) by a cat owner and lover. It's obvious that Bowman loves her "fat, lazy, and extremely ungraceful" cat Bandini, upon whom the character of Hamweenie is based.

Hamweenie is a cat fated for fame whose whole existence is torture (with brushing, treats and toys) because of the young girl with whom he lives. He dreams of becoming a legend -- but is safely ensconced in an apartment with someone who loves him dearly.

Hamweenie does have his revenge, and again, cat owners will smile and recognize the truth of the clever story.

Read the whole review at: http://www.examiner.com/review/the-amazing-hamweenie-by-patty-bowman-a-story-of-indulgence-and-dreams?cid=db_articles