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Waking Storms - Sarah  Porter "Waking Storms" by Sarah Porter is the sequel to "Lost Voices," a novel about mermaids. The premise is that abused girls who die become mermaids. Their anger against the human race, especially the men who abused them, causes them to sing a song of such beauty and magic that mortals hurl themselves to their death.

Luce, the protagonist, finds herself with a group of mermaids who probably are the group involved in the death of Luce's father. Her father's death caused her to live with her alcoholic uncle, who in turn abused her, causing her death.

Like any group of teenage girls, the mermaid troupe has its problems and personality conflicts. Because of Luce's superior singing ability, they conclude she must be their queen. For various reasons, she does not want to be their queen, and she leaves the group.

She also saves a boy from one of the boats they savaged. He, alone, did not seem overcome by the song. For some strange reason, Luce couldn't bring herself to drown him and she carried him to shore and safety in secret.

In this, the second book, Luce is hurting because her friend Catarina, the former queen, has disappeared. She also can't stop thinking about the boy she rescued.

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