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A Whole Lot of Lucky - Danette Haworth "A Whole Lot of Lucky" by Danette Haworth includes many of the tried and true themes for middle grade readers that grace her other books, including "The Summer of Moonlight Secrets" and "Me & Jack." Themes like friendship, fitting in, and family are especially important to readers at that age.

Haworth creates a perfect main character. Hailee Richardson, her baby sister, and their parents live a life where new clothes come from Goodwill and bicycles are bought second-hand. When Hailee borrows a jeans skirt from her best friend Amanda, mean girls at school make fun of her for it. They had written an "A" in marker on the skirt when Amanda was wearing it to see if Hailee would borrow it.

When Hailee's parents win the lottery, she is thrilled and sure that her life is about to change. She spends a lot of time making lists of what she wants (including a nanny to care for the baby). Reality comes around when her parents explain that a few million, paid in installments, does not make them really rich.

Unfortunately, for Hailee it means that her parents enroll her in a girls-only private school. She is despondent at the thought of being separated from Amanda, but soon finds that she is pretty good at making new friends.

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