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The Thirteen - Susie Moloney 'The Thirteen' by Susie Moloney is a story of love, sacrifice and witches. It's also a tale of suburbia and how far people are willing to go to get what they want.

Paula and her daugher, Rowan, are heading back to Haven Woods, a perfect piece of surburbia. The homes are all lovely, and the women dress impeccably. Slightly reminiscent of the town of Stepford, lives of the inhabitants seem to be perfect.

Paula runs into her childhood best friend, Marla, and Marla's mother, Izzy. Izzy's story is told in detail -- how and why she joined the "dark side." Some of the details are really disturbing, as are the details of several sacrifices.

Marla is the one who guesses Paula's secret. Rowan, her child, is the result of a teenage affair between Paula and David, Marla's brother. He died before Paula could tell him about the pregnancy. Audra, Paula's mother, sent her away to school and never wanted her to come back.

Audra, however, is in the hospital with a mysterious ailment. That's what brings (lures) Paula back. Coincidentally, she also loses her job (actually, not so coincidentally, it turns out) and Rowan is kicked out of the private school.

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