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Wishful Thinking - Amanda Ashby "Sophie's Mixed Up Magic" by Amanda Ashby is the perfect read for young lovers of fantasy books. Similar to the "Princess for Hire" series by Lindsey Leavitt, this is a charming story of a young girl who inadvertently lets a genie out of a bottle.

What happens next is told with an eye to the humorous, but young readers may feel empathy for this new middle schooler who is trying to fit in. Of course, having orange skin (courtesy of the djinn (genie), doesn't really help one fit in.

Sophie has some important decisions to make when she realizes that she's the next djinn! She also learns some astounding revelations about her father -- who had disappeared years ago. She never lost faith that he would return, but the rest of her family thinks he's gone forever.

It's a complete story, but with no real ending. Will Sophie use her newfound magic? How will she? Will she start to look for her father?

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