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You Are My Wonders - Maryann Cusimano Love "You Are My Wonders" by Maryann Cusimano Love and illustrated by Satomi Ichikawa is a picture book for children of all ages about the relationship -- the bond -- between a teacher and his or her students.

In the story, the teacher is a (stuffed) elephant and the students are all stuffed animals. The story is told about all the activities that the students do in the classroom with the teacher, and every page touchingly and artistically uses metaphor to describe the bond between child and adult.

The book starts at the beginning of the day and ends with the children (or stuffed animals) waving goodbye to their (stuffed animal) elephant teacher.

On each page (or two facing pages ) are rhyming couplets. For example, "I am your bell; you are my ring. I am your notes; you are my sing." The illustrations accompanying the words are colorful, with a minimal white background.

Although the pictures seem intended for younger readers, the actual text would be well used by teachers in intermediate grades for teaching metaphor. The entire book is actually a series of wonderful examples of the playful and imaginative use of figurative language.

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