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Survive - Alex Morel "Survive" by Alex Morel is the story of a suicidal teenage girl who, when she is one of only two survivors in a plane crash, learns that she really wants to live. Jane, the protagonist, has decided to kill herself on the plane ride home from the facility where she resides and gets treated for her mental health disorder.

Jane has meticulously planned her suicide. She has counted the minutes to arrive at the airport ostensibly for her visit home. She has purchased the correct combination of drugs to get the job done. She has made it to the bathroom, where she plans to down the pills and die.

She doesn't count on the plane crashing at that moment. When she wakes up, not only is she not dead, she must fight to live.

It's bitter cold and everyone else on the plane died except for the boy who occupied the neighboring seat on the plane. And he's stuck in a crevasse from which she must rescue him. The rest of the book is about how their relationship develops, how Jane's hatred of her life turns into a desire to live, and how the two of them struggle to make it to safety.

Dehydration, starvation and hypothermia are the biggest challenges they face until Paul, the other survivor, gets injured. Then Jane must see if she has what it takes to survive.

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