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Summer of the Wolves - Polly Carlson-Voiles "Summer of the Wolves" by Polly Carlson-Voiles is the story of a teenage girl named Nika and her younger brother Randall. They have lost their only living parent -- their mother. Bounced from foster home to foster home, they finally find one where they are fairly happy.

Then, Nika finds out that the authorities have found an uncle they didn't know existed, and they are going to stay with him for the summer while their foster mother gets much-needed surgery.

The uncle lives in far northern Minnesota and studies wild wolves. Coming from California, life in the woods in the Minnesota lake country is a huge change for the two. Randall, her brother, loves it immediately, but it's much harder for Nika to adapt.

However, once she sees the wolves that her uncle studies, that all changes. She is fascinated by them -- especially by the wolf pup whose mother was shot and killed. They rescue it and Nika is immersed in caring for Khan, the pup.

Nika's story alternates with snippets of story about what is happening in the life of a wolf. The reader doesn't really know what the snippets are about (who is this wolf?) until almost the end of the story. It all comes together well.

The story is about wild wolves, and the information in it is fascinating. But the story is much more. It's a story about relationships. Relationships between people, relationships between animals, and relationships between animals and people.

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