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Olympig! - Victoria Jamieson "Olympig!" by Victoria Jamieson is the story of Boomer the pig. It's also a story of determination and desire. And hard work and practice. And it's a story about reality.

Boomer is determined to win at the Animal Olympic Games. When the newsman, Mr. Hamstring, interviews Boomer, he asks, "The other animals in the Olympics will be faster and stronger than you. Tell me, Boomer, how can you possibly win a gold medal tomorrow?"

Boomer, full of determination, replies, "Oh, I'm sure I will win! If you practice and try your best, you can do anything!"

Of course, Boomer is a pig. The contenders in the race include a greyhound, a hare, a cheetah, and a zebra. They don't just leave Boomer in the dust -- the dust is faster than Boomer. Undaunted, Boomer continues on to the next event.

No surprise that the elephant is able to lift more weight than Boomer, And the flying squirrel is able to pole vault higher than Boomer. The gorilla is better at wrestling, and Boomer loses at hurdles and boxing, too.

The next event is one at which Boomer is sure he can excel. Sadly, the judges don't like his performance at that event either. Boomer quits.

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