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Roller Coaster Kid - Mary Ann Rodman "The Roller Coaster Kid" by Mary Ann Rodman and illustrated by Roger Roth is a beautifully written and beautifully illustrated book. It's about a boy named Zach who visits his grandparents every summer.

Many children will feel a kinship with Zach as he talks about what he does in Oceanside with his grandparents. "We jump in the waves and find shells. We feed the gulls and fly kites."

They also go, every year, to an amusement part there where his grandfather once was famous for riding a roller coaster named the Whipper 100 times. Zach looks just like his grandfather did when he was Zach's age, but unlike his grandfather, Zach is afraid to ride the roller coaster.

Zach takes comfort from his grandmother who tells him that when the time is right, he'll go on it. He and his grandma like the same things.

"Seagulls and seashells and strawberry ice cream. But most of all we love the Big Wheel. Easy and quiet, we sail up to the sky."

But one year they visit his grandfather after Grandma passes away. Nothing seems the same. Especially Grandpa. Zach knows he misses Grandma just like Zach does but Zach's parents tell him not to talk about Grandma. It will make Grandpa feel sad.

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