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Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator - Jill Baguchinsky In "Spookygirl: paranormal investigator" by Jill Baguchinsky, the protagonist Violet (her mother's favorite color was purple) can communicate with ghosts. Because her mother died before she could help Violet understand her rather unusual abilities, Violet is on her own.

Her father runs a funeral home and they live upstairs. That makes beginning a new high school rather difficult. Other kids look askance at anything to do with dead bodies. And that's before she points out the jock who died several years ago who haunts the art room.

The first person narrative works well and sounds authentic. Although the resolution of the "portal to hell" in the girls locker room is kind of a let down, the book is a good one. The supporting characters are quirky, and when Violet finally makes friends, they are fascinating ones.

It's also nice to read a young adult book that is missing a huge romantic plot. In "Spookygirl" there is no boyfriend. It's just Violet trying to find her way in the social jungle that high school can be. And while she doesn't fit neatly into any of the usual groups like "jocks" or "nerds," she does manage to find a group of friends that work.

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