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The Great Escape - Susan Elizabeth Phillips "The Great Escape" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips follows the story of Lucy Jorik, daughter of the former president of the United States, after she runs off, leaving her groom practically at the altar. This story follows (or takes place contemporaneously with) "Call Me Irresistible."

The story begins when Lucy decides at the last minute (literally) that she can't marry Ted Beaudine, a handsome, perfect paragon of a guy. While "Call Me Irresistible" covers what happens to Lucy's best friend, Meg Koranda, and her ex-fiancé, this story deals with what happens to Lucy.

Lucy ditches the wedding dress for a choir robe and hitches a ride on the back of a motorcycle. In spite of everything that Panda, the guy on the motorcycle, does to get her to go back to Ted (by his actions, not in words) she insists on staying away from her family and her old life.

Lucy needs to find herself. A former social worker who then turned to lobbying to be able to help more children, she now shudders at the thought of visiting more large corporations and holding out her hand.

She also needs to begin work on her part of a book about her mother, the former president, whose story was told in Phillips' novel "First Lady." She has writer's block and hates everything she writes.

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