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Scorpion Winter - Andrew Kaplan "Scorpion Winter" is the latest entry in author Andrew Kaplan's action/mystery Scorpion series, and its a good one. They're all good. Kaplan's hero is super-spy, super-sleuth, super-sly "Code Name Scorpion," he of a hundred identities and thousands of martial arts moves.

Yet despite all those "supers," Scorpion is a (sort of) real human being. He gets nervous when he's in a tough spot; he can't handle ten other master martial artists at the same time; he can't leap over tall buildings in a single bound. And -- horrors -- he is not even immune to torture. He sometimes even has to give up the good fight and be saved by someone else.

The plot and settings of "Scorpion Winter" involve the hero in exciting adventures in areas of the world ranging from the Middle East to Russia, and in this book, the Ukraine. With the help of a gorgeous Ukrainian democracy activist, he must stop, single-and-a-half-handedly, a potential war between Russia and Ukraine which would certainly spread to NATO forces led, of course, by the United States.

To accomplish the mission, he must overcome the evil ones arrayed against him within Ukraine and Russia, the deceit of the vicious criminals he must confront, including the Ukrainian Mafia, and even betrayal by his own CIA semi-compatriots, some of whom are his best friends. With friends like these...

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