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Alien on a Rampage - Clete Barrett Smith, Christian Slade "Alien on a Rampage" by Clete Barrett Smith is the sequel to "Aliens on Vacation." In both stories, Smith entertains the reader with his cleverly constructed and wildly creative characters -- some of whom are literally out of this world.

David is eagerly anticipating spending the summer at his grandmother's wild bed and breakfast where aliens are the guests and you never know what creature will come out of a guest room. In the first book, it was David's first summer at the Intergalactic Bed and Breakfast, but this summer brings some changes.

David's crush from the first book, the brainy science-lover Amy, and her father now work at the bed and breakfast. Her father is the head of security and works for the Intergalactic police. Amy runs programs for both seniors and children.

There is a new worker, however, whom David instinctively does not trust. Scratchull (his real name is unpronounceable), the new handyman, is a very hostile alien. "His skin was bone white and smooth all over, making his head look like a skull. The dark purple lips and black eyes didn't help much." When David tries to be pleasant, Scratchull responds with a sneer revealing sharp teeth.

When a small purple creature comes bounding through the transporter in David's room, he is resigned to spending his summer watching out for this Snarffle. He soon realizes how much that job entails when the creature (who bonds to David quickly and absolutely) eats the furniture in David's room when David forgets to feed it.

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