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Spark - Amy Kathleen Ryan “Spark,” the sequel to “Glow,” by Amy Kathleen Ryan is the second in the science fiction series “The Sky Chasers,” about two ships headed across the universe toward New Earth after Earth becomes a desolate desert, practically incapable of inhabitation.

This second book starts right where the first leaves off. If it’s been awhile since reading “Spark,” skimming or rereading the first book will be helpful to remember the plot and characters. Waverly, the strong female protagonist, is adored by two guys, Kieran and Seth. Kieran is the one she loves in the first book. He works for the captain of the spaceship, the Empyrean, and it’s assumed that he will be chosen to be the next captain. Seth is the guy who has adored Waverly since they were children. He’s darker than Kieran -- more brooding -- perhaps because of an abusive father.

In the first book, the sister ship The New Horizon captures all the girls from the Empyrean during a horrible battle in which most adults on The Empyrean are killed. Anne Mather, the head of The New Horizon, is a charismatic leader who has brought the inhabitants of the ship together through prayer. Most of those on board blindly follow Mather, believing that she has a direct line to God.

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