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Leader of the Pack (Andy Carpenter Series #10) - David Rosenfelt Wish I could give this more than 5 stars!

"Leader of the Pack" by David Rosenfelt is the tenth (that's right, tenth!) entry in Rosenfelt's "Andy Carpenter Mystery" series. And it's every bit as clever, funny, suspenseful, adventurous, funny, witty, funny, unique, funny, entertaining, enjoyable, and funny as the first one, "Open and Shut." It's really funny.

Rosenfelt's -- and therefore Andy's -- brand of self-deprecating dry humor is the single characteristic that sets these novels apart from those of every other exponent of the genre. The only real mystery is that both Rosenfelt and Andy are not household names. He's that good.

"Leader of the Pack" begins with a double murder on the first page. The crime had taken place six years before the basic plot of the story begins. Carpenter had been the defense attorney at that time, representing at trial the one and only suspect in the case, Joey Desimone, the son of a New Jersey mafia czar.

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The lawyer feels that he did a lousy job defending Joey, who he had always felt was innocent. But the jury felt differently, and Joey has been in prison ever since.

A series of events as the plot unfolds further convinces Andy of the kid's innocence, and he does everything in his power to procure a retrial. He is successful, and the trial scenes are, as always in this series, artfully rendered by the author, who consistently demonstrates his trademark authenticity, knowledge of the ways of judges and lawyers, and sharp eye and ear for human nature in general.

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