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15 Seconds - Andrew Gross "15 Seconds" by Andrew Gross cannot rightly be called a mystery, but it can certainly be called a riveting work of suspense and action. Gross is extraordinarily adroit at the art of building seemingly separate plots into one intertwining whole, leading to a crashing and scary and gory climax. He's got it down and he gets it done.

The main plot strand, it must be pointed out, is very reminiscent of "The Fugitive" (TV show and film), and Gross goes to absolutely no lengths to hide the similarity. He even makes specific reference to the old show at one point.

Anyway, THIS doctor who is accused of murders he did not commit, Dr. Henry Steadman, is accosted and shot at by police, bad guys, and just about anybody else who carries a gun. But the character -- first person narrator -- is neatly drawn. No superhero.

He betrays a faint aroma, make that odor, of arrogance and smugness. He's very proud of his success as a plastic surgeon and his sort-of big time reputation as Florida's premier boob fixer-upper. But he grows as the plot unwinds. He becomes much more humble. That tends to happen when people are shooting at you all the time.

He also becomes much more courageous, especially with the help of his co-hero(ine), Carrie Holmes, who is not a detective though she works at a small-town police station. She is the first character to begin believing in the doctor's innocence, and eventually she risks her life to help him prove it.

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