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Discretion - Allison Leotta Allison Leotta will get some loyal fans after they read her second novel, "Discretion." It's a combination of mystery story, thriller, politics and love, and it all takes place in Washington, D.C.

Not only will the reader vicariously visit DC hotspots like Poste (in the Monaco Hotel -- very posh and pricey) and Rosa Mexicano, but the reader will enter the Capitol building and learn about secret hideaways. Murder in the Capitol on the very first page (well, the fourth to be exact).

The two main female characters are Anna Curtis, a prosecuting attorney who works in Sex Crimes, and Samantha Randazzo, an FBI agent. The relationship starts off prickly but each soon grows to respect the intelligence and fortitude of the other.

On the other hand, the relationship between Anna and Jack, the director of the Homicide division at the US Attorney's office, goes downhill throughout the story. Jack, widowed, is looking for a wife and mother to his daughter. Anna is not sure if she's ready for either of those roles.

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