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The Reluctant Matchmaker - Shobhan Bantwal "The Reluctant Matchmaker" by Shobhan Bantwal continues her style of writing about Indian and Indian-American women and their families. This book is about a second-generation Indian woman who, at the "advanced" age of thirty-one, is still single.

In Indian families, this is a tragedy. Sons are preferred, but if one has daughters, they are to be married so they become the responsibility of the husband and his family. Meena, the protagonist, still lives at home in spite of having a successful job and master's degree because that's what Indian daughters do.

Meena is in love with the owner of the company she works for. He is a successful Indian of the right social standing, but the problem is literally his standing. He is well over six feet tall and Meena is barely five feet tall. It turns out that Prajay, the owner, wants to find a tall, successful Indian woman to marry.

Worse yet, he asks Meena to help him find the perfect woman. And she must be tall. Although Meena complies and creates a personal ad for him, she still knows that he is the perfect guy for her.

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