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A Tale Dark & Grimm - Adam Gidwitz Adam Gidwitz does a superb job of turning the story of Hansel and Gretel into a retelling of many of the dark Grimm fairy tales in his first book, "A Tale Dark & Grimm."

For obvious reasons the stories are all adapted to fit into this new format, where Hansel and Gretel wind their way through (and star in) many of the classic fairy tales that are often overlooked in favor of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and those fairy tales popularized by Disney.

The narrator interjects comments warning the reader of the graphic nature of these children's fairy tales. "Yeah, yeah, nearly getting eaten by a cannibalistic baker woman is bad. But not nearly as bad as what's to come."

He continues, "Hi, little kids. But things get much worse from here on. So why don't you go hire a babysitter, and let's do the rest of this thing alone."

From Faithful Johannes, The Seven Swallows (or The Seven Ravens in Grimm), A Smile as Red as Blood (The Robber Bridegroom in Grimm), to The Three Golden Hairs, Gidwitz does it right. His humorous commentary throughout the book adds to the read-aloud value.

Read the whole review at: http://www.examiner.com/review/a-tale-dark-grimm-by-adam-gidwitz-is-a-brilliant-retelling-of-classic-tales