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Picture This: A Novel (P.S.) - Jacqueline Sheehan "Picture This" is the sequel to "Lost and Found" by Jacqueline Sheehan. Her first book is a wonderfully written story of a young newly widowed woman searching to find out how to put her life together after the sudden and unexpected death of her husband.

Rocky, the protagonist, flees to an island in Maine and becomes the animal warden. On the island she makes a few good friends and rescues a dog who in turns helps rescue her.

In this second book, Rocky and the dog, Cooper, must make the decision about whether to return to life on the mainland. Rocky's leave of absence from her teaching job is expiring and her boss needs to know what her plans are. Unfortunately, Rocky doesn't know what her plans are.

Her budding romance with Hill has problems. But the biggest problem is that a young girl appears claiming to be her deceased husband's child. Is this obviously troubled girl really Bob's daughter? What does she want from Rocky, and what is Rocky willing to give her? And if she does choose to accept this girl into her life, is that like having a piece of Bob back?

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