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Spring Fever - Mary Kay Andrews "Spring Fever" by Mary Kay Andrews will not disappoint this author's fans. This book is full of great characters, an interesting plot, misunderstandings galore, romance and a requisite number of shady (and sleazy) characters.

The story begins when Annajane Hudgens attends her ex-husband's wedding. While the bride-to-be is walking up the aisle, the groom's daughter falls ill and the wedding is postponed. That event is enough to start Annajane, the protagonist, thinking about the reason her marriage to Mason Bayless ended.

The fact that Annajane works for the Bayless family soft drink company (and has since she was sixteen), and that Pokey Bayless, Mason's little sister, is her best friend, make for a situation that is by turns humorous, suspenseful, and touching.

One of the beauties of all of Andrews' books is the Southern charm that is redolent in each and every page. The characters reek of Dixie sweet tea and magnolia blossoms. And no one, apparently, can spread gossip as quickly as those in a small Southern town.

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