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What To Do If An Elephant Stands On Your Foot - Michelle Robinson, Peter H. Reynolds
"What To Do If An Elephant Stands On Your Foot" by Michelle Robinson and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds is a clever picture book slightly similar to "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." Children will enjoy this amusing story just as much as they enjoy the "If You Give..." series.

The story is a chain of events, one leading into the other, and ending in a circle. Children love repetition and will love reading this book over and over, chiming in at the parts they have memorized from all the reading and rereading.

The writing style is conversational and works perfectly for reading the book aloud.

"In the event of startling an elephant, you will probably feel like running away, rather quickly. Try not to! Running may attract tigers." And on the next page, "Told you so."

The illustrations are simple and yet appealing. Colorful but not overwhelming, they support the story but do not detract from it.

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