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Dark Frost - Jennifer Estep Dark Frost" by Jennifer Estep is a marvel. It's the third book in a series, and it maintains the excitement and thrills of the first books. It's truly a difficult book to put down.

Gwen, the "Gypsy Girl," continues to fight against the evil god Loki and his followers, the Reapers. Her patron goddess, Nike, has given her a talking sword, and the wolf she rescued in the last novel reappears in this one.

Sounds hokey, right? But it's not. It all works wonderfully. Estep manages to create characters whom the reader will like (or not if they're the bad guys), a well-drawn school campus, and great supporting characters (Grandma Frost, Methis, etc.).

Some books in the middle of the series suffer from a lack of plot. They seem to be written merely to mark the space between the first and last books. That is certainly not true of any books in this series.

Although some may complain that the series has many similarities to Harry Potter, one could also argue that many books have similarities to Harry Potter. There is the main character, Gwen, not raised in the same magic atmosphere as the other students at Mythos Academy. She struggles to catch up. She also has two close friends, and there is a definite romantic spark between them. The really, really bad guy begins locked up magically but escapes (just like you-know-who).

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