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Abandon #2 - Meg Cabot "Underworld" by Meg Cabot is the second book in the series about a teen who, like Persephone, visits the "lord" of the Underworld and may have to live there forever.

Pierce has known John, the "Captain" of the Underworld, for a long time. There's the time he saved a dead bird and brought it to life in front of her, and the time he actually saved her life when death was imminent.

Now, she's sixteen and old enough to know if John, a perpetual nineteen, is what she wants in life.

As it turns out, living with her family is not a very safe choice, since Pierce's grandmother is a Fury and out to kill her.

Unfortunately, this book was not quite as compelling as the first in the series. It was easy to put down, perhaps because of the lack of a new urgent plot.

Many middle books in trilogies have this problem, and as capable and creative as Cabot can be in her writing, this book suffers from "middle book syndrome." There's just nothing going on that the reader really cares about.

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