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No Jumping on the Bed 25th Anniversary Edition - Tedd Arnold No Jumping on the Bed' by Tedd Arnold has been dusted off and redone with beautiful new illustrations.

The book was a hit when first published and it's no less enjoyable now. Kids will love the simple ideas and dialogue between Walter and some of the characters.

Parents (and teachers) love books with repetition; books that children love to listen to over and over -- perhaps helping repeat the ending line of each mini "adventure" that Walter has as he falls through the floors of his apartment building.

The book could also be a great teaching tool. The descriptions, "...the mattress creaked, the floor cracked, and his whole bed tipped up sideways." The dialogue, '"I was not expecting company for dinner," she mumbled with a mouthful of meatballs.'

Students could write stories of their own about falling through barn floors, going through walls in a school, traveling through different worlds -- all the while having students use great descriptive vocabulary and clever dialogue.

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