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Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris “Unraveling” by Elizabeth Norris is the kind of action-meets-scifi book that teen (and adult) readers will love. Once you get past the beginning and understand what is happening, it’s really difficult to put the book down.

There is a clock ticking down throughout the book, and at the end -- the universe will cease to exist. Or will it? At least that is what Janelle is trying to figure out.

The beginning is compelling. Janelle is killed, and strangely, a kid from high school, Ben, happens to be there, and he brings her back to life. That’s weird, but the book gets even stranger.

Janelle’s dad is an FBI agent trying to solve the mystery of unidentified people turning up dead from radiation poisoning. Janelle loves a mystery, and she begins working on the case (without her father’s knowledge). Her best friend, Alex, whom she has counted on since they were toddlers living next door to each other, helps her every step of the way.

The characters in the story are carefully created and seem vibrantly real. Ben’s best friends are truly annoying, and Janelle’s best friend Alex is wonderfully loyal and brave. The plot is surprising -- happily there are no giveaways in the book blurb on the jacket -- and the plot becomes very science fiction-ish very quickly.

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