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The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda "The Hunt” by Andrew Fukuda is a unique vampire novel, unique even though its basic plot elements are derivative or borrowed from many popular sources.

The story is centered around a human being who lives in a world of vampires. Humans, called “hepers” here, are almost extinct.

The hero, however, has managed to hide in plain sight among them. He is a heper teenager in a vampire high school. If he makes a mistake which reveals his “heperness,” he will immediately be devoured by his classmates and his classroom teacher.

So he must not let them see him sweat because they don’t sweat; he must not let them see him cry because they don’t cry; he must not let them see him run because they can move twenty times faster than he; he must not let them see any hair on his body because they have none; he must wear fake fangs because of their real ones.

In short, his life is little more than a constant barrage of frightening seconds and minutes. Only his insatiable desire for survival itself keeps him alive.

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