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Circle of Cranes - Annette LeBox 'Circle of Cranes' by Annette LeBox is a story that might not appeal at first glance -- but look again -- this book is a wonderful story. It's a combination of realistic fiction, mythology and fairy tale.

Suyin is an orphan. She lives in a small town in rural China where she spends time living with different families. Because she was not adopted by one family, Suyin feels like an outcast.

Because her grandfather forbade the women in the village to teach her the all-important art of embroidery, Suyin is sure that no boy will ever want to marry her. However, she has an amazing, almost unnatural, ability to speak foreign languages.

A "snakehead," or human trafficker comes to the village and offers to send a villager to "Gold Mountain," (as America is known) for a huge sum of money. The villagers pool their meager resources together for a downpayment and send Suyin.

The problem is that Suyin doesn't want to go. And the trip is hardly the "cruise" that the lying criminal told the village it would be. Barely escaping death, Suyin and her companions begin work in a sweatshop.

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