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Nasty Bugs - Lee Bennett Hopkins, Will Terry 'Nasty Bugs' features poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins and illustrations by Will Terry. It's a delightful book and will be greatly enjoyed by children of all ages.

The bugs are nasty and gross and include maggots, chiggers, wasps, lice and bed bugs. It's definitely not a read for the faint-of-heart! Sensitive children will have nightmares after seeing the head full of grayish lice as large as fingers in a head of hair, or a large, fanged bed bug hiding under the covers while a child peers anxiously in at the door.

Because the poems are by different poets, there are some really great ones and a few that will be skipped over -- the meter is just a bit off. But most of the poems are itchingly great.


"In seven days a batch will hatch, drink human blood, turn brown. In one more week they'll lay more eggs, infesting one more town."

Spoiled Rotten:

"I'm a maggot, I'm a marvel of the larval generation, I'm a comma in a drama of disgusting devastation."

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