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Partials - Dan Wells 'Partials' by Dan Wells has gotten lots of hype -- for a good reason.

It's about a time in the future when the human race is decimated by creatures called Partials, because they are partially human. The creatures were created for the military, and their job was to defend the United States in a war. But after the war a virus appeared that killed over 99% of the human population.

The story takes place on Long Island in New York -- the only place left with humans. It's a fairly bleak life and since the virus, no infant has lived more than a day. The youngest human is 11 years old.

It's become the patriotic duty of all women 18 and over to get pregnant and have a baby because scientists and doctors hope that eventually one will be born immune to the virus. Thousands of babies have died -- not one has been immune. The government is considering lowering the mandatory pregnancy age to 16.

Kira is studying to be a doctor. She is determined to find the cure for RM, the virus. She becomes even more determined when she finds out that a close friend is pregnant.

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