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Another Piece of My Heart - Jane Green 'Another Piece of My Heart' by Jane Green is Green doing what she does best -- delving right into delicate situations and analyzing why people do what they do.

In this story, a thirty-something woman, Andi, meets the man of her dreams. Finally. The fact that he comes with two daughters is not a problem. In fact, it's all good. Andi has always wanted a family and here's one ready-made.

The problem? Emily, the oldest daughter, is the teenager from hell. She hates Andi (except when she doesn't), and sees through Andi's pathetic attempts to buy her love through clothes, shoes, basically anything at the mall that Emily wants.

To be fair to Andi, Emily is manipulative and really brilliant at getting her father to do whatever she wants. The beginning of the book is page after page of Ethan (the husband and father) giving in to Emily at every turn while turning his back (at times literally) on Andi.

Not only does Andi not get pregnant, she begins early perimenopause which makes it even less likely that she will ever get pregnant. Ethan doesn't really care -- he has two daughters. Andi cares a lot and begins to resent the fact that she will never have a child of her own.

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