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BZRK - Michael Grant 'BZRK' by Michael Grant is the first book in a new young adult science fiction trilogy that both kids and adults will love.

It's a combination science fiction/adventure/thriller all written brilliantly to entice the reader into a terrifying world -- the world of the "nano."

Two competing forces -- one good and one evil -- are vying for control of the world by vying for control of the brains (literally) of world leaders. Actually, BZRK just wants to stop the bad guys from controlling the world, but power is seductive.

One side consists of fanatical conjoined twins who control a huge corporation, Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation (AFGC). The twins are described in such chilling detail, and the corporation and its TFDs (security people dressed up in chinos and polo shirts as tourists from Denver -- thus TFD) almost seem ridiculous by comparison. The twin's goal is ostensibly to unite mankind into one harmonious, interconnected whole, kind of like insects.

The other side, BZRK, is dedicated to stopping the Armstrong twins at any cost. And the cost is steep for those fighting on their side. Death is not the worst outcome the fighters are facing. Insanity is a much worse and much more real fate. Their belief: Freedom trumps peace.

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