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Two Truths and a Lie - Sara Shepard 'Two Truths and a Lie' by Sara Shepard takes the story of the twins-separated-at-birth and reunited at death (of just one of them) and continues with the still-living twin trying to find out who killed her sister, why, and whether she's next on the list. This is the third book in 'The Lying Game' series.

The story is narrated by Sutton. Yes, she's dead, but she's also stuck in the afterlife following her twin around and trying to remember who killed her. Not that it would help anyone even if she did remember. It's not like she can communicate with her twin or anyone. But she does see her life through different eyes and occasionally regrets her "bad girl" ways.

Emma is the nice twin but right now she's masquerading as Sutton. Sutton, who has the life that Emma always dreamed of having, is a bad girl and she's the cruel queen of her popular-girl clique. It's Sutton who started playing pranks on people. Cruel pranks. Pranks that could kill people.

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