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A Beautiful Evil - Kelly Keaton 'A Beautiful Evil' is the sequel to 'Darkness Becomes Her' by Kelly Keaton about a fictional future New Orleans (New 2) and a young woman trying to find out about her roots.

In this well-written fantasy, Ari continues to try to save her friend, Violet, from the Greek goddess Athena's grasp. To help her in her quest are her friends. Sebastian, a warlock vampire, is her romantic interest, and the rest of the "elite" from New 2 play important roles.

It's not a bad idea to reread 'Darkness Becomes Her' before reading the sequel so that the first part of the story is fresh because otherwise the story may be confusing.

While the first book ends with a bang, the second begins slowly. In fact, the first half of the book recounts Ari's efforts to control her gorgon nature (her ancestors were all descended from Medusa and at age 21 would turn to stone anyone who locked eyes with them).

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