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Wonder - R.J. Palacio "Wonder" by R.J. Palacios is that unusual kind of book that begs to be read twice and even three times. Although the book is about a fifth grade boy, the book is a commentary on human nature and how we treat those who are different.

The main character, Auggie, is very different. Born with severe facial deformities, he has been home schooled by his mother. Fifth grade is the beginning of middle school, and it's time for Auggie to try to make friends and venture out into the real world.

Just one of the many things that the author gets right is the fact that often, parents end up on different sides of an issue. And in 'Wonder,' no sooner does one parent change sides than the other parent does also. Frustrating, but very true-to-life.

The characters in 'Wonder' are also very true-to-life: the school suck-up who makes all the teachers and administrators think he (or she) is wonderfully kind and generous, but who really is a miserable excuse for a human being -- enjoying the misery of others.

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