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Lucky Luis - Gary Soto, Rhode Montijo "Lucky Luis" by Gary Soto and illustrated by Rhode Montijo is the story of a young rabbit named Luis whose father was a "champ" baseball player.

That makes Luis nervous about trying out for Little League. His dad tells him funny stories about the superstitions that he and the other players had. One never changed his socks -- yuck! His father wore his belt buckle to the side for good luck.

On the way to tryouts, they stop at the local mercado and Luis gets a sample, or "tryout." Soto writes, "Luis was happy to have a 'tryout' before his tryout."

Luis plays great and makes the team. On the way to the first practice, they stop again at the store and Luis gets another 'tryout' and is elected co-captain of the team. Before the next practice, Luis again stops at the supermarket and tries some celery sticks dipped in salad dressing. He has a great practice.

However, Luis' luck changes when at the store the next day, someone snatches the last sample before he can get it. Luis doesn't do well at practice. He worries it's because he needs his tryouts. Without his tryouts, Luis doesn't play well at all.

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