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The Whisper - Emma Clayton "The Whisper" by Emma Clayton is the sequel that fans of "The Roar" have long awaited. And really, the books need to be read together.

"The Whisper" finishes the adventure that began in "The Roar," when Mika learned that his sister, Ellie, was still alive. Stolen by a corrupt government official, she had been trained and experimented on in a quest to control the world.

This is a future world where most of the population has been sequestered in the north behind walls. They stay there willingly because they have been told that beyond the walls there is nothing but death and dust -- that the whole rest of the world was decimated by an animal plague, and to step outside the walls brings instant death.

The truth, which Mika finds out in the second book, is that a few thousand people live in the rest of the world, enjoying the forests and the animals, living in mansions with every convenience and protecting their wealth with robotic machines and animals.

The world in the north is a life of horror for most of the population. They live on the bottom level of cities, beneath the wealthy, with no sunlight, fresh air or healthy food. Their existence is a dismal one filled with moldy walls, tasteless food and no future.

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