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Perception - Kim Harrington "Perception" by Kim Harrington is the second young adult novel in the "Clarity" series about a family with paranormal abilities who live on Cape Cod.

The main character, Clare (Clarity), is a fairly normal high school student except for the fact that she, her brother and her mother all have paranormal abilities and make their living by giving "readings" to locals and summer tourists.

Her brother can communicate with the dead -- sometimes. Her mother is a mind reader. Clare's ability is retrocognitive psychometry: when she touches an object and concentrates, she can see visions or feel emotions from when someone else touched that item.

The kids at school have a different name for it: freak.

Like the first book, "Clarity", the story is part paranormal and part detective story. Clare is still struggling with the betrayal of her former boyfriend, Justin, when a new guy comes into town. Justin may be Clare's "former" boyfriend, but he's not willing to stay former. In both the last book and this book, she has difficulty deciding between the two guys.

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