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Unwanted: A Novel - Kristina Ohlsson 'Unwanted' by Kristina Ohlsson is a police procedural/mystery/suspense novel that is the first published in America by this author.

Ohlsson's background is an impressive reminder of the expertise in crime and investigation which she brings to her work. She is a counter-terrorism officer in Vienna and a former security policy analyst for the Swedish police.

But impressive background notwithstanding, this novel is much more than a police procedural story. It is a dark, sometimes gloomy, character study involving three main characters, all employed by the Swedish police, plus several minor characters who are equally deeply examined in Ohlsson's unique narrative style.

The author cleverly reveals all the characters' weaknesses, insecurities, and strengths by sort of imagining their inner dialogue. We know each of them very well.

The female lead character/policewoman is new to the force and rejected by her fellow officers as too raw, too cold, and too "by the book" to be an effective investigator. One of the other main characters is the established veteran highly-respected "star" of the group -- a detective whose reputation is sterling. The third is an extraordinarily insecure but very conscienctious young detective who faces constant struggles in both his personal life and his professional life. He knows his weaknesses and is bedeviled by them.

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